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I needed a software that would let me do more with my UA device, so I wrote one. UA Companion currently adds the following capabilities to your UA Device.


Assign keyboard shortcuts to change volume, mute, toggle between set volumes, talkback button, Mute and MIC/LINE toggle for inputs and mute for aux tracks and virtual tracks.


Set the primary and secondary volume levels and toggle between them using a shortcut of your choice.


Enable partial surround support for the Twin and x4- Control the additional outputs using main volume knob. See additional details in the FAQ section.


Take control of your volume straight from the menu bar using a volume slider that displays the current volume in dB.


Automatically remap the function keys to act as brightness, media, and volume controls, and relay the volume button to control your UA device when one is connected.


Feel free to enjoy all of UA Companion's features for a 14 Day demo period.

UA Companion 1.28


License for 1 user

  • • UA Companion is compatible with macOS Catalina (10.15), macOS Big Sur (11), Monterey (12) and Ventura (13).
  • • UA Companion is compatible with UAD Software 9.15.0 and above.
  • • UA Companion is compatible with the following interfaces: Apollo Solo, Apollo Twin, Apollo Twin MkII, Apollo Twin X, Apollo x4, Apollo x6, Apollo 8, Apollo 8p, Apollo x8, Apollo x8p, Apollo x16, Apollo (FireWire)
  • • If your device is not in the list, please reach out via email.

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Assign Functions Keys as Media Keys

Normally, the dedicated volume keys will not control your UA device.
This feature will re-assign your function keys as brightness (F1-F2), media (F7-F9) and volume (F10-F12) controls for both system audio devices AND your UA device.
* Make sure to check "Use F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys." under System Preferences → Keyboard.
F11 is by default programmed to Show Desktop by the OS. Please go to System Preferences, Keyboard, Keyboard Shortcuts and disable that programmed shortcut.

If you are using Virtual Interfaces, Room Correction Software and Aggregate Devices

If you channel your signal through a virtual interface (SoundID by Sonarworks or Decibel by process.audio for example) or a macOS Aggregate Device instead of directly to the UA device, please make sure to go to UA Preferences → Advanced and select your device from the list so that UA Companion will know to control your UA Device when that device is selected.

How to use the Surround Enabler

If you own a Twin device, use Virtual 1-2 instead of your Line 3-4. Virtual 1-2 volume will follow your main volume knob.
If you own an x4 device, use Virtual 1-2, and Virtual 3-4 instead of your Line 1-2 and Line 3-4 respectively. Virtual 1-2 and Virtual 3-4 volumes will follow your main volume knob.

AAX Plugins Arranger

UA Companion can now put all UA Plugins you don't own in an Unused folder. That way, when you use Pro Tools, the menus don't get all cluttered up by Plugins you don't own. If at some point you'd like to put them all back and try some demos, hit the Put All Back button in the Plugins tab.

UA Companion menu bar icon color

Green IconUA Device is active
Green IconUA Device is muted
Green IconNo UA Devices found

Release Notes

1.02 - Added an option to unmute device when changing device volume using a volume shortcut.

1.03 - Added the ability to toggle the input type on analog inputs and assign keyboard shortcuts to it.

1.06 - Added support for the Apollo x8p and Apollo x8.

1.07 - UI Improvements, Added support for the Apollo x6, and added the ability to assign a shortcut for talkback (Toggle or Momentary).

1.09 - Dark Mode UI Improvements, Added support for the Apollo Solo, and added support for Aggregate Audio Devices.

1.13 - Added native on-screen volume display, fixed the jitteriness when moving the slider, added support for assigning shortcuts to control input mutes, added support for assigning shortcuts to control aux mutes, all UA Companion actions are now supported by AppleScript (Examples are shown in the Advanced tab in preferences).

1.14 - Fixed a bug where the talkback shortcuts wouldn't respond upon UA device re-start.

1.15 - Fixed a bug where if you clicked a shortcut assignment field without entering a shortcut, the buttons that close the app and open preferences won't work.

1.18 - Added assignable shortcuts to toggle between Cue Sources, Added support for Arrow, Added 3 volume increments you can choose from, Added more support for AppleScript, Added assignable shortcut to toggle mono, improved the UI.

1.19 - Fixed a bug that makes the volume up, volume down and mute shortcuts reset upon startup after accessing the preferences window.

1.21 - Added assignable shortcuts to toggle 48V on MIC Tracks, Added assignable shortcuts to Alt Monitors, Added Apollo 16 MKII support, Added a button that resets all shortcuts, some small bug fixes and UI Improvements.

1.28 - Ventura is now supported, General bug fixes, UI Adjustments, UA Companion now checks to see if function keys are set as normal functions keys before turning on the Use Function Keys a Media Keys feature, AAX Plugins Arranger for Pro Tools, Added the ability to add shortcut to mute virtual tracks, Clicking anywhere on the volume slider increments volume by a step.

1.30 - Logic Plugin Arranger.


Questions? Please reach out!

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